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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees of ARI

As per the trust deed, Arts Research Institute can have:

  1. Maximum of 4 life trustees.
  2. Maximum of 6 additional trustees.

Life Trustees

Life Trustees will hold the office for their life term or until they voluntarily resign from the office.

Current life trustees and their designation are as follows:

No. Name of Life Trustee
Mr. A.Kannan
Managing Trustee
Mr. Suresh K. Manoharan
Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Kathiravan.R.C.

Mr. Gunasekaran.S


Additional Trustees 

Additional trustees are appointed by Life Trustees and their tenure is for 2 years only. After that their trusteeship expires automatically. But, they are eligible for re-appointment.

Current appointed trustees are as follows:

No. Name
1. Mr. G.Arunagiri, Coimbatore.
2. Mr. W.Thangaraj, Chennai.
3. Mr. M.Panchabikesan, Thanjavur.
4. Mr. N.Nanmaran, Coimbatore.
5. Mr. J.Rajendran, Coimbatore.
6. Mr. T.K.Muthurajan, Tiruchengode.



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