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National Conference on Varmalogy 2008

The major objective of this conference is to highlight the results of the varmam system of treatment and initiate a scientific approach to prove its efficacy.

Objectives of this conference

  • To highlight the areas where varmam treatment extended by ARI has shown positive results.
  • To have medical practitioners trained in varmalogy share the results of their varmam practice with their peers.
  • To demonstrate that varmalogy has the ability to effect medicine-less cures.
  • To show that varmam treatment does not have any side effects or adverse effects.
  • To showcase how varmalogy functions effectively in conjunction with Siddha, Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy and Naturopathy treatment systems.
  • To expand the reach of varmam medicine, closely bound to the Tamil language till date and make it accessible to all Indians.
  • To encourage further research into India's varmalogy, so that it may take its rightful place as a universal medical science.
  • To work towards achieving recognition and patent protection for varmalogy as an Indian system of medicine.

Our Appeal

Varmalogy must be propagaged. Varmalogy must break the barriers; be it linguistic, artistic or scientific. People must benefit from it. Medical practitioners from every system in India need to come together in this effort. We welcome you to participate in the conference and share your constructive opinions with us.



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