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Varmam Therapy Cost

Being a registered charitable trust, Arts Research Institute charges a very minimal amount for varmam therapy.

This amount varies depending on location of the Therapy Centre as the administrative cost of running a therapy centre varies between different locations and also the consulting charges & travel allowance paid to the doctors varies between different locations.

No. Monthly Donation Amount
Therapy Centre Location
1. INR Rs.200/- (Indian Rupees Two Hundred Only)
All therapy centres in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
 2. INR Rs.300/- (Indian Rupees Three Hundred Only)
Bengaluru, Karnataka.
(Currently four visits for varmam points tuning)


One month of varmam therapy includes:

  • One visit for consultation with panel of doctors.
  • Eight visits for varmam points tuning.


Any varmam medicine that needs to be bought is separate.

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