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Vethasatthi - International Conference on Medical Varmalogy, May-2012

Vathsalya Bhavam(2016 – Eng/Tamil) (Handbook of varmam treatment for children with special needs)

650 participants, including 260 medical practitioners and students, from 9 Indian states, 8 countries and 6 streams of medicine participated in the world’s first international conference on Medical Varmalogy, Vethasatthi 2012.

Dr. M.Renuka, Honorary Advisor, Arts Research Institute (ARI), Coimbatore, inaugurated the conference by lighting of the traditional ceremonial lamp.

Welcoming participants to the conference, Er. Suresh Manoharan, Secretary, ARI, pointed out that the term ‘Varmalogy’ had been coined by Dr.N.Shunmugom, Honorary Advisor, ARI. “The presence of doctors from around India and other parts of the world here today is a clear sign of the increasing awareness about medical varmalogy, thanks to the work of institutions like ARI,” he said.

Mr. A Kannan, Managing Trustee, ARI, informed the gathering of the various activities undertaken by the Trust over the years, to both create awareness regarding medical varmalogy and to serve people through treatment.

Speaking at the Inaugural Session, Hon’ble Justice K.N.Basha of the Madras High Court, Chennai recounted how a close friend was saved from surgery through varmam treatment. “Varmam cures diseases of modern life style. Also, with its very sophisticated diagnostics and treatment methods, it can even fix problems that a growing baby may face in its mother’s womb,” he observed.

Prof. Dr.Meer Mustafa Hussain, Former Vice Chancellor of the Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University, Chennai said, “We must work towards getting official recognition for medical varmalogy. The Department of AYUSH should eventually include the letter ‘V’ in its name for ‘Varmam’ and be known as ‘VAYUSH’ ” He also stressed the need for using modern Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) techniques, to establish varmam in the 21st century.

Prof. Dr. K.Manickavasakam, Director, National Institute of Siddha, who also delivered a special address, congratulated ARI for imparting practical medical varmalogy training to doctors and medical students, especially to those from the Siddha medical stream.

Dr.Yoganathan, M.S. (Ortho), President, Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy Centre (TVRTC), Unit of ARI, in his Keynote Address, observed “Varmam is a complete system of medicine by itself. It can enrich and work in conjunction with other systems of medicine, but from the theory papers presented at the conference, it seems likely that varmam is at the very fountainhead of all systems of medicine. ”

With R.C.Kathiravan, Trustee, ARI, thanking the distinguished guests and exhorting all the participants to make the most of the next two days, the technical paper presentations began.

At the two-day conference, varmam-trained doctors presented papers on the results of using varmam therapy across 27 diseases including arthritis, spondylosis, chronic renal failure, bleeding disorders, facial palsy, diabetes and asthma. 5 theory papers expounding the principles of medical varmalogy were also presented. 14 poster presentations were made and participants were also able to witness live demonstrations of how varmam massage could be used to treat peri-arthritis & ankle and knee sprains. A special live demonstration was also made on how sportspeople could be given immediate relief after suffering from lumbar injury on the sports field.

Welcoming the gathering to the Valedictory Session at the conclusion of the technical papers, Mahesh Jayaraman, Therapy Center-In-Charge, New Delhi, noted that papers presented at this conference represented “a vital first step towards medical varmalogy taking its rightful place on the world stage as a well-documented, well-researched science.”

Dr. Murugesa Boopathi, Vice Chancellor of Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, congratulated ARI for conducting such a successful conference and also exhorted the Trust to make efforts to preserve the intellectual property rights of medical varmalogy. “The Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India must recognise and promote Medical Varmalogy in the right perspective,” he said.

In his special address, Dr.G.Ilavazhagan, Former Director, Directorate of Life Sciences, DRDO-HQ, New Delhi, applauded Dr.Shunmugom and ARI for their sterling efforts to bring this ancient art into practical usage in the modern age. He also suggested that courses of medical varmalogy should form part of the curriculum of medical studies in various streams of medicine like Ayurveda, Siddha, Allopathy, etc.

Dr. Deiva Priyananth, MBBS, DCH, FIG, Vice-President, TVRTC, recounted her very fulfilling association with Dr.Shunmugom and ARI. She said that on many occasions, her fellow doctors and she had used varmam to save lives where other methods had failed. “When I make this tall claim, I stand on firm grounds,” she said, underlining that “through ARI, we have diagnosed, treated and documented cases of more than 4 lakh patients officially for the past 7 years, across our 21 treatment centres.”

Acknowledging the need to conduct detailed studies into various aspects of medical varmalogy, Chief Medical Officer of ARI, Dr.Abdul Azees, urged his fellow Siddha doctors to make utmost efforts to preserve and utilize “the treasure trove of medical varmalogy”. “Only then can we be called true descendents of the great Siddhars,” he said.

ARI Secretary Suresh Manoharan announced that the Trust would soon conduct emergency varmam skills workshops for doctors from all streams of medicine. Further, he said that ARI would organize several symposia in the future, “to deepen the knowledge of doctors with regard to specific disease conditions.” A ‘Sports Varmalogy’ special skills workshop is also envisaged in the near future.

The successful conference ended with vote of thanks from J.Rajendran, Trustee, ARI, Coimbatore.

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