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Visit by Nursing Students from San Diego State University, California, USA.

As part of International Students Exchange Program, 10 nursing students from San Diego State University (, California, USA, visited PSG College of Nursing (, Coimbatore, India.

As they wanted to gain awareness about Medical Varmalogy, an indigenous Indian medical system, they visited Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre, Unit of Arts Research Institute, Coimbatore on 18th June 2010. They were accompanied by two staff members of PSG College of Nursing.

Mr. Suresh Manoharan, Secretary & Treasurer, welcomed them and gave presentation about the functioning of the organization, basics of varmam and medical varmalogy, how varmam therapy is practised as not-for-profit activity.

Dr. N.Abdul Azees, M.D. (Siddha), Medical Officer, gave presentation about the improvement obtained by treating patients using varmam therapy. He showed them both medical reports and clinical observation as evidence.

Dr.N.Shunmugom, Ph.D. (Tamil), Honorary Advisor & Varmam Researcher, gave demonstration of varmam therapy by diagnosing the foreign nursing students using pulse reading and by applying varmam pressure to them.

The international nursing students also observed how patients are treated using varmam therapy in the Therapy Centre.

Visit by Nursing Student from San Diego State University, California, USA

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