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Varmam Medical Care for Special Children – Workshop for parents and care givers (free camp)

Arts Research Institute (ARI), Coimbatore conducted a free half-day workshop on varmam treatment in Coimbatore on the 9th of June 2010, exclusively for parents and caregivers of special children, suffering from cerebral palsy and its attendant problems.

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which a critical part of the brain is affected. Symptoms could range from disruption of upper/lower limb functions to various sensory problems, i.e. of hearing, sight, speech etc. These children are often dependent on their parents and caregivers for their daily needs.

During the workshop, Dr.N.Shunmugom, Varmam Researcher and Honorary Advisor for ARI, taught the selected parents how to apply a few varmam points, which they will then ‘tune’ for their children at home, on a daily basis. The workshop was conducted under the supervision of the paediatricians namely Dr. D.S.Arivanand, M.D. (Paed), Member – Advisory Council - ARI and Dr. Deivapriyananath, M.B.B.S., D.C.H, Vice President – Thirumoolar Varmam Research & Therapy Centre – Unit of ARI.

Varmam treatment is one of India’s ancient systems of medicine. It involves stimulation of vital points, i.e. varmam, to set right the ‘life force’ in the human body. Ancient varmam texts specify how varmam treatment is capable of increasing brain, speech and motor activities. Modern practice of these methods has shown promising results with special children.

“Children suffering from cerebral palsy seem to respond well to varmam treatment. We have been treating such special children across our 18 centres in India for the last 6 years and are greatly encouraged by the results.” said Dr. S.Yoganathan, M.S.(Ortho), President, Thirmuoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Centre, Unit of Arts Research Institute. The therapy centre is a division of ARI, a registered charitable trust set up in 2005 to promote the medical science of varmam.

Thirumoolar Varmam Research and Therapy Center at Coimbatore also has paediatricians visiting twice a month to consult patients and evaluate their progress.

Explaining the rationale behind the special workshop, Dr.S.Yogananthan said, “For the 9th June workshop, we have selected parents of 25 special children already undergoing treatment twice a week at therapy center. Since the children are making good progress, we felt that if a parent or caregiver is taught a basic varmam protocol, he or she will be able to apply the varmam points on a daily basis, at home. This will speed up the progress of the child towards normality and independence.”

Doctors from several streams of medicine – allopathy, siddha, ayurveda and homeopathy - have learnt the art of varmam through ARI and have been practising it in conjunction with their own treatment methods for the last 6 years, with good results.

ARI plans to conduct such special workshops every month in the future and train parents not just in Coimbatore, but in all locations where it has therapy centres.


Video of workshop conducted on 6th June 2010 at Coimbatore:


Photos of workshop conducted on 30th June 2010 at Coimbatore:


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